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El Pinoy Care Services is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider and Aged Care Services Provider.  It was founded by Maria Dela Cruz due to her genuine desire to give her disabled aged father the love, care, attention, security and dignity he deserved in his twilight years.
As a business, EL PINOY is young, having been formally established only last year of 2020, but standing behind it is a wealth of experience spanning more than 15 years as I have always been involved in caring for my elderly parents, in particular, my disabled father who lived with me and my family in the past  5 years after my mother passed away, and I was also actively involved in the home-care of my youngest brother when the hospital gave up on him and told him to move to a pallative facility.  He didn't want that and so me and my sisters Nini and Ellie became his carers in my eldest sister's house.  

I learned a lot from those experiences, I learned that no matter what their circumstances are, they have glimpses of sadness and fear of isolation.  I don't want to see my father sad nor afraid because he no longer had my mother to share his life with.  

I love my father and wanted him happy, to feel important, loved and truly cared for, but by the same token, I knew that I cannot do everything on my own and that's how I learned about the NDIS and home care package from My Aged Care  and also those other assistance available to the elderly from other sectors of our Australian government and managed all these for him. These made us both happy.   

When my father passed away last February 2020,  I was at a loss because I've given up my full time job several years back in order to have more time to spend with my father.  
I found myself with so much spare time and our backyard with so many plants from my gardening, so I took stock of things and asked myself: what I'm really good at, what do I enjoy doing and where can I contribute most, and the answer was:   I was very good with caring for my father.  I knew what he needed and wanted, and that gave birth to EL PINOY CARE SERVICES.
Because of my father, EL PINOY'S Mission is to nurture the human spirit by creating a better everyday life for those people we serve and EL PINOY'S  Vision is to be a trusted partner and a friend to those people we serve as we help them thrive in our community with dignity, respect and awareness for the beauty that life brings.

I share and pass on my practical experience to my team from the  eyes of my father and I take pride in having a team that is well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable in caring for the disable and elderly who seek our services. 

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